Purim Children's Activities

Let's Learn

Purim Guide
Abridged Purim Megillah
Laws & Customs of Purim
Purim Activity Pack for Preschoolers
Chanukah vs. Purim (advanced)


English Purim Songs
Purim Medley (Hebrew)
Chag Purim
Let It Go! Purim Style (kol isha)
Maccabeats Purim Song
Chag Purim
Shoshanat Yakov
Vayehi Bimei Achashveirosh
V'nahapach Hu
Ani Purim
Chag Purim
Boo Hoo Haman

Colour in

Mitzvot of Purim
Characters of Purim Story
Mitzvot of Purim
Purim Megillah
Purim Samaech
Purim Story for Toddlers
Purim Story
The Story of Purim
Colouring Pages

In the kitchen

Purim Recipes for Kids
Jamie Geller Purim Recipes
Assorted Purim Recipes - Chabad.org
Assorted Purim Recipes
Rocky Road Hamantaschen
Chocolate & Sprinkle Hamantaschen
Triple Chocolate Hamantaschen
Rice Krispies Treats Hamantaschen
Fassoulyeh b'Chuderah
Purim Foods Around the World


Purim Medley (Hebrew)
Celebrate Purim in 4 Steps
Purim is Awesome
Purim Secrets
The Miracle of Purim
Miracle Days: A Purim Shpiel
The Queen of Persia
Purim: The Lot
LEGO Purim Story
LEGO Purim v2


Dr. Mitzvah's Purim Story
Purim in Widgets
Purim Plays
The Shushan Chronicles - Part 1
The Shushan Chronicles - Part 2
A Purim Secret
Purim Saddam
Purim of the Curtains
Gragger: A Purim Story
In An Instant 
Purim Hebron
Purim Fossano
Purim Vincent
Wheel of Fortune: Purim Story


Purim Popsicle Stick Puppets
Purim Shalach Manot Labels
Purim Character Masks
Purim Quadrarama Display
Stained Glass Gragger
Purim Crown
Purim Fun Sheets
Make Your Own Gragger

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