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More learning opportunities always being added!


Our Prayers

Sunday mornings after shacharit

Learn the meanings of the prayers.

About 30-45 mins after shacharit.
Rabbi Wollenberg

Shabbat Laws

Monday Mornings @ 9.15am @ Rabbi W's House

Learn about the laws of shabbat in detail. 

Parsha Discussion

Monday Mornings @ 10am @ Rabbi W's House

A light discussion about the weekly sedra. 
Rabbi Wollenberg

Tuesday Lunch Club

from 11am

Every Tuesday (except yom tov and after Bank Holidays) from 11am -3pm. Includes entertainment, things to do and a full 3 course meal. All for £12. 


Thursday mornings after shacharit in the Beit Medrash

Learn from the mishna text.

Rabbi wollenberg


Shabbos morning @ 9am @ the back of shul

A shiur going through the Tanya

before shul starts. 

Rabbi Wollenberg

RAP - Read And Practice

Shabbat morning during haftorah (usually around 11ish) in Beit Medrash

A group of ladies get together to practice Hebrew reading. Happens most weeks for only about 5-10 minutes. 
Rebbetzen Wollenberg

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Jewish Women in History

2nd Sundays & (repeat class) 3rd Tuesdaysof the month @ 10:30am @ Rabbi W's House

A class for women about Jewish women in Biblical and Talmudic times. 

Classes will not take place in October, December & April. July is the last of the season.

Rebbetzen Wollenberg

Shabbat Learning

1st alternate Shabbat of each month instead of the sermon

A chance to learn a concept more in depth. This will take place instead of the sermon but at the end of the service. 

Oct 5, Dec 7, Feb 1 '20, May 9, Jun 13

Rabbi Wollenberg

Questions & Answers

1st alternate Shabbat of each month instead of the sermon

A chance to ask questions.

Sept 7, Nov 2, Jan 4 '20, Mar 7, July 4 

Rabbi Wollenberg

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Rebbetzen's Secret Recipes

8pm ~ £10 per person

18 Sept - Rosh Hashanah

11 Dec - Chanukah (TBC)

22 Jan '20 - Tu B'Shvat

19 Feb - Purim

18 March - Pesach

13 May - Shavuot

Women's Shabbat Breakout

Approx 10:45am in the Beit Medrash

Discuss... Learn... Laugh... Experience...

21 Sept - Items of Tishrei

16 Nov - Kosher

4 Jan '20 - Candles

25 Jan - Blessings

15 Feb - Modesty

Get Set for... Jewish Holidays!

8pm @ different venues

Join us to learn more about the customs, sybolism, meanings of the festivals.

24 Sept - High Holidays @ Taylors' House

9 Dec - Chanukah @ Caplans' House

17 Feb - Purim

24 March - Pesach @ Wests' House

11 May - Shavuot @ Beit Medrash

Tehillim Group

@ someon'e's house @ 8pm

So many people can use our prayers... joined together we have more power. Join us to say tehillim for all who need. 

Stay tuned for venue!

6 Oct

Feb 13

July 13

Chill & Chat with Ethics of Our Fathers

Late Evenings @ the Wollenberg's

Women's 6 week series shabbat evenings.  

June 6, 13, 20, 27 and July 4 & 11 2020

Rebbetzen Wollenberg

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