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Help for Israel

The updates from Israel are deeply distressing.  More than 1200 people murdered in the most horrendous manner, thousands injured, and over 100 individuals abducted by terrorists.


In the coming days, our heroic IDF soldiers may go into Gaza to save the abducted and combat the terrorists.


In this critical time, we all ask: What can I do for Israel? How can I help my brothers and sisters in the Holy Land?

There is much we can do, no matter how distant we are geographically.

The Torah teaches us that the physical protection of each one of us is intrinsically connected to our collective spiritual activism.  Our mitzvot protect the entire Am Yisrael.

When we pray or dedicate a good deed to our brothers and sisters in Israel, we create a spiritual defense shield for them that will help them through difficult and dangerous times, whether those in need of healing, the missing hostages, or the brave soldiers going to battle.

Below are some ways we can help with mitzvot.


Feel free to contact us also for further assistance. 

May we hear of only good news, of peace and tranquility, a speedy recovery for all those injured and a speedy return home for all the hostages.


Rabbi & Rebbetzen Wollenberg


Before the outbreak of the 1967 war, the Lubavitcher Rebbe prompted a literal "call to arms" to encourage Jewish males don the holy heart-and-mind connectors known as tefillin, whose spiritual potency is foretold in the Talmud to help instil fear and deterrence in the enemy

Every Jewish man and boy over the age of 13 can put on tefillin every weekday.

Learn how to put on tefillin? Check out this tutorial. If you don't have tefillin and need help getting some, contact the Rabbi. 


Here is a video about the power of tefillin.


Called the guardian of the Jewish home and the guardian of the Jewish people throughout the ages, the mezuzah is a parchment scroll containing sacred portions of the Torah that is hung on the right side of the doorpost to a Jewish home. They are also affixed on most doorposts within the home.

Do you have mezuzahs on and in your home? If you don't, now is a good time to get some! If you only have on your front door, consider getting some for the rest of your house - every door can use one. If you do, this is a good time have them checked to make sure they are still in tiptop shape. (It is best to do so annually, and at least twice every seven years.)

Learn all about mezuzahs and how to affix them, and how and why to check them.

If you need help buying or getting mezuzas checked, contact the Rabbi.


The power of prayer-our ability to reach the gates of heaven and plead with the Almighty to make things better.

Dedicate a daily prayer for our brethren in Israel. Psalms are especially appropriate for times like this. But feel free to go off-script and speak to G-d directly in your own words, too. While praying, keep in mind those who were injured in the attacks, in addition to all of Israel. The prayer of children is considered to be particularly potent.


Psalms. (Chapter 20 has a special significance at times such as these.)

tehillim 20.jpg


The Kosher laws are the mainstay of Jewish life and the Jewish Home.  We eat and drink many times a day and kosher food helps our spiritual health, besides the cultural aspects.

Upgrade your Kashrut – depending on your level…. Kosher your kitchen if you never have before? Or take on an extra stringency in your kosher observance.  You could resolve to learn or study about kashrut in more details.

For more information click here to kosher your kitchen or here for more information about kashrut generally.

Family Purity

taharas hamishpacha for israel.jpeg

Shabbat Candles

While this is a once-a-week mitzvah, its power lasts for an entire seven days. Lighting Shabbat and holiday candles ushers light and peace into the home and the world.

Every Jewish woman and girl (and any men who are living on their own) can light Shabbat candles every Friday before the onset of Shabbat and on the eve of Jewish holidays. 

If you already light Shabbat candles, consider lighting 5-10 minutes early. 

Learn how to light Shabbat candles, find out what time the candles should be lit, read stories and discover the power of bringing more light into the world.

how to light 1.jpeg
how to light 2.jpeg
how to light 3.jpeg
how to light 4.jpeg


Give charity! The protective strength of charity is considered to be particularly strong. Consider an Israel-based charity to support those out on the front lines and in Israel.

Here are some links to charities:

General US Charity page

A large selection of charities specifically for Israel


Rabbi Davis

Our son Binny is one of thousands of soldiers sent to the north of Israel. As the call up was done on a huge scale, many of them have insufficient clothing. The first rains fell last night and it will soon become very cold. Our soldiers need warm clothes and food and other essential items. Your donation will be a huge help and morale booster and we thank Jes Shine for arranging this campaign on the UK side.
Please donate to their JustGiving Crowdfunding Page




Chabad Terror Victims

An established charity that supports families and victims of terror in Israel

Unity Warriors

Supplying essentials to those on the frontline


Here is a list of Chabad shluchim on the frontlines whom we know someone who is personally in touch with, and need donations.


Something important to understand is that in many cities in Israel the social department of the municipality grows to rely on the Chabad Rabbis for help, and on many bases, the commanders become very close with the Chabad Rabbis and turn to them with all kinds of requests for assistance. 

Shliach: Rabbi Asher Pizem
Situation: Dozens of people were murdered in the streets on Simchat Torah, since then, constant rockets. Impoverished city. 
Action: Delivering food and medicine to people trapped at home, and food to local soldiers. 

Shliach: Rabbi Danny Cohen
Situation: All four Chevron shluchim are currently on reserve duty. They are still in touch with hundreds of soldiers who are asking them for specific supplies and armor. American bochurim are doing the footwork. 
Action: Bringing food to soldiers, helping them put on Tefillin, and bringing chizuk. 


Shliach: Rabbi Menachem Liberman 
Situation: Nonstop rockets, multiple direct hits on the community, including the Chabad girl’s high school and the shliach’s own home. 
Action: Delivering food and necessities to people’s homes, providing therapy support, children’s camps in the large Chabad House bomb shelters. 

Message from Rabbi Liberman on Tuesday, 10 Oct: 
This is some war. Nothing like we lived through before.
We were hit like never before. Over 60 direct hits in Ashkelon alone, several people killed and dozens of wounded.
Our home as well as my children’s homes and cars were also hit and damaged.
There is a constant smell of fire in the air with 16 fires raging. It takes a long time for the fire department to come.
No one came to Shul for Shabbat morning services.
But this is all nothing considering that there are well over 1000 people killed, several thousand wounded but even worse hundreds captured and kidnapped to Gaza. Children, Girls, Boys Grandparents, it is beyond imagination.
Our dear friend Mr. Beni (Binyamin Ben Sarah) Genish went fishing in the early morning and disappeared or was captured and kidnapped to Gaza. 
Roei, the brother of our secretary in school, is a FireFighter, disappeared. Dudu Zafir, another good friend is missing. And so the list goes on.
We are very busy trying to support the families, going from home to home, bringing some hope, encouragement and supplies.
Most people don’t go out to the street, since there are constant reports that the terrorists have been spotted in the city. The Army immediately sends in a contingent and they comb the area.
Here we also go to the soldiers, their morale is broken, and the situation is a failure bigger than the Yom Kippur war, so we are giving out to the soldiers, food, sweets and special sweat resisting Tzitit. This moral support makes such a difference to our boys and G-d willing should serve to protect our soldiers.
Please say a Prayer for the safe return of all of the hostages and for the wellbeing of our soldiers.
Please do what you can to help us with the war effort, we have to win this war. 
It is your help that gives us strength.
Please donate through this link -
Thank You very Much
At the moment we are trying to get PASGT Helmets for a group of soldiers that we are in touch with and also Body armor with ballistic protection level 3.
Each set cost 2300 NIS before Vat and 2700 including VAT.
We have to buy lots of 50 so we are trying to raise 135,000 NIS. For the first batch.
The protective gear is also necessary for our volunteers who go out to the front lines to bring food, sweets, personal items to the soldiers.
Just as an update, our Girls High School was damaged with a direct hit from a missile.

Shliach: Rabbi Shneur Kenig
Situation: Dozens of people were murdered in the streets on Simchat Torah, lockdown lasted over 48 hours since then, many rockets. Very impoverished city that gets completely forgotten. The shliach runs a soup kitchen in coordination with the municipality. 
Action: The soup kitchen is now delivering the meals at many times their usual capacity, with no way to cover costs. 

Shliach: Rabbi Mendi Klein
Situation: 100,000 reserve soldiers stationed in bases near Eilat which the shluchim usually tend to. The soldiers are training to go into battle, and had rushed to base quickly on Simchat Torah without packing properly. The commanders keep turning to the Shluchim with huge lists of needs. 
Action: Purchase and deliver food, basic supplies, and Tzitzit to the soldiers. Help them with Tefillin and words of inspiration.  

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