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If you are under 21, single and your parents are members, your membership is FREE.

If you are single and aged 21 - 29, you can join Tribe Community Membership (TCM), the fantastic membership scheme for just £5 per month which makes you part of the community by giving you full membership of the United Synagogue (US).

Click here to join

If you wish to join to be married, mazeltov! Please call the Office Team on 020 8504 1990 for guidance.

There is an initial membership fee for one of you to join the synagogue to be married (Law of the Land) and then membership is free for the year from the date of your marriage and then discounted as follows:

Year 1          First 12 months after wedding date                                        Free

Year 2          Balance of calendar year to align with annual billing        50% discount

Year 3          First full billing cycle Jan-Dec                                                     50% discount

Year 4          Second full billing year Jan-Dec                                                 25% discount

There are also discounted burial fees (FES).


For all other membership enquiries please call the Office Team on 020 8504 1990. You will need to be able to provide your full birth certificate and prove your Jewishness (yours or your parents’ or grandparents’ ketubah) and complete the attached Membership Application Form.

If you are looking to transfer to WFUS from another US shul, please complete and return the attached Transfer of Membership Form to us and please be sure to inform your current shul of your plans.

We look forward to welcoming you to our community.

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