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Shavuot Children's Activities

Let's Learn

The Story of Shavuot
The Story of Shavuot
Countdown to the Giving of the Torah
Be There!
Shavuot Family Parsha
The 10 Commandments
Why We Eat Dairy
Activity Booklet for Toddlers


English Shavuot Songs
Shavuot Medley (Hebrew)
Stay Up All Night (cute song!)

Colour in

Basic Shavuot Pictures
Detailed Fruits of Israel
Complete Shavuot Clip Art
Shavuot Colouring Pages
Easy Colouring Pages
Colour in Flowers for Shavuot
Torah on Mount Sinai
Torah Scroll

In the kitchen

Fun Desserts for Shavuot
Cheesecake Recipe
Bible Cake
Ultimate Shavuot Collection for Kids
Mount Sinai Cake
Layered No-Bake Cheese Cups
Cheese Latkes
Caramel Balls
Chocolate Balls
Shavuot Biscuits
Shavuot Mount Sinai
Ice Cream in a Bag
Ice Cream Recipe for Shavuot


Book of Ruth for Kids
Shalom Sesame Countdown to Shavuot
How Cheese is Made
Moses for President
How the Jewish People Received the Torah
10 for the Price of 1
Jono's Little Mountain Song
Writing a Torah Scroll
What if the Torah was Given on the Moon?
What if We Found Moses Shoes?


Little Sinai
The Best Merchandise
Saved by the Coffee Cups
Everyone Had a Chance
The Guarantee
The Day of Days
The Guarantors
The Abandoned Sefer Torah


Spring Flower Crafts
Flower Decoration for Shavuot
Shavuot Flowers & Vase
Shavuot Crafts & Cooking
Assorted Shavuot Crafts
Easy Shavuot Crafts
Flower Vase
Duct Tape Rose
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