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Pesach Children's Activities

Let's Learn

The Complete Passover Story
The Big Clean
Chametz vs. Matzah
Light the Candles
The Seder Plate
The Seder
The 4 Cups
The Passover Story
Pesach Story in Pictures
Seder Plate Explained
Mah Nishtana Booklet
Mah Nishtana Trainer
Mah Nishtana Trainer 
Let's Learn


Ha Lachma Anya
Mah Nishtana
Leshana Haba'ah
Dam Tzefardayah - Ten Plagues
Who Knows One?
Echad Mi Yodea
Avadim Hayinu
Mimitzrayim Gealtonu
Al Achas
Vehi Sheamda - Chabad Tune
Vehi Sheamda - Traditional Tune


Virtual Model Matzah Bakery
Favorite Passover Things
Model Matzah Bakery
Let's Make Wine
Let's Bake Matzos
Baby Basket Gridlock on the Nile
Crisis in Egypt
10 Plagues Animated
The Seder Plate Champion
Joey: Scientriffic Seder
How the Jews Left Egypt
The Talking Wine Bottle
What If We Never Left Egypt?
Matzah Documentary
Out of Egypt


Dr. Mitzvah Pesach Story
Joey: Mission Impossible
Joey: Scientriffic Seder
Rothschild: The Secret of Success
Jewish Heroes
Boruch Learns About Pesach


Finger Puppets
Pesach Origami Frogs
Pesach Creative Placemats
Afikoman Bag Craft
Elijah Cup Craft
Parting Red Sea Card
Seder Plate Craft
Assorted Pesach Crafts
Clean for Pesach Door Hangers
Splitting the Sea Craft
10 Plagues Wheel Craft
My Touch and Feel Haggadah
Seder Necklace
Make Your Own Afikoman Bag
Splitting the Sea
Seder Placemat
Colour In

colour in

Ten Plagues Colouring Sheet
Pesach Colouring Pages
Pesach Pictures
Pesach Colouring Pages
Pesach Colouring Book
Complete Pesach Colouring Book


Pesach What Do You See - Toddler Book
Pesach Word Search
Pesach Word Search
Pesach Maze
Pesach Mazes
Pesach Activity Book - Toddler
Children's Haggadah & Craft Pages


Pesach Bingo
Pesach Cootie Catchers
Pesach Cootie Catcher
Seder Night Game
Pesach Entertainment

Pesach entertainment

Three Interactive Pesach Games
Scavenger Hunt
Games for the Seder
Fun Pesach Ideas
Fun Seder Ideas
Making Passover Fun
Pesach Fun for Children
Pesach Jokes
Pesach Jokes
Pesach Games
Pesach Poetry
Seder Fun Ideas
Pesach Quizzes
Out of This World
In The Kitchen

in the kitchen

Make Charoset for the Seder
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