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Fine crisp linen in Mexico City,
challah crumbs in Johannesburg,
wine spills in Kochav Yair,
and roast chicken in South Woodford.

It’s good to know we’re keeping it together.

Challah Bake

We are trying to reach a wider audience this year.

Everyone who can, please make a Shabbat dinner and invite others over. Or go over to a friends house! If you would like to host someone or would like to be hosted, let us know and we will connect you.

If you are a ‘Young Professional’ (age approx 20-35), you are invited to a Friday night dinner hosted by the Abrams & Wollenberg families. If you have not yet had an invite, speak to one of them to confirm your attendance.

Friday Night

In addition to a Traditional Shabbat Service….

Teen Service: the opportunity to count in a minyan and take part! See Rabbi Abrams for more details

Women’s Group: One of our regular women’s groups - find out how we can appreciate the beauty of Shabbat even with all its rules….

Followed by a Hot Kiddush Lunch (yes, that means cholent!)

Shabbat Day

Experience a lovely relaxed Shabbat afternoon in the company of family and friends.

Games & Groups for children and families

Speakers including topics:

Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good People

The Challenges of Shabbat Observance in the Modern World

Is It Really True That the Answer to Every Rabbinic Question is NO?

Afternoon Programme

Finish off with a Musical Havdallah Service and some light entertainment.

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